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Vitamin + C Liposomal

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Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that has been shown in numerous clinical studies to strengthen your body's immune defenses and more. It also exerts powerful beneficial effects to numerous bodily functions. These include blood pressure, iron levels, tissue repair, memory, cardiovascular health, and much more. 

But your body does not produce, nor does it store, Vitamin C. This means daily intake is necessary from food or supplements to maintain optimal levels and help your body perform its best. Typically taken orally in crystalline form or as a solution, Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is susceptible to breakdown in the gastrointestinal tract. Which means that the Vitamin C supplement you are taking is likely being destroyed in  your stomach long before your body has the opportunity to absorb it. 

That's why liposomal encapsulation technology is such an important breakthrough. Liposomal encapsulation technology uses a microscopic layer of fat to encapsulatte delicate water soluble vitamins such as Vitamin C, allowing it to pass through the digestive system intact wthout being affected by stomach acids. This helps overcome cellular absorption barriers and deliver nutrients effectively through the bloodstream to the cells where they are needed most. This is why 'liposomal' technology is quickly gaining traction as the new standardof nutrient deliverability. It's the future of Vitamin C technology. 

If you struggle to eat enough fruits and vegetables that contain enough vitamin C each day and are looking for a reliable way to ensure you receive all the health benefits Vitamin C has to offer, then Vitamin C+ Liposomal is exactly what you're looking for. 

VITAMIN+C Liposomal is intended to stack with One+, Immune+AF, and CoQ10 Liposomal. 

Backed by Science to Help Optimize:

* Immune Support

* Antioxidant Support

* Health & Well-Being

* Cardiovascular Health

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