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No Nuts!

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Nut-free, dairy-free, school-safe bars, brimming with chocolately scrumptiousness and a whopping 12g of protein and 9g of fiber. These delicious bars will satisfy your hunger and those random cravings for grandma's home-baked chocolate chip cookies. Toss'em in your bag or the kids' lunchboxes for convenient fuel and fabulous flavor in one.

Sure, chocolate chip has been done before, but with good reason! Chocolate chip is a universal language. It's the BFF you stick with through all of life's challenges. It's the flavor that everybody loves, and nobody can resist. So creating our sweet and chewy chocolate chip protein bars was a no-brainer. We've taken a classic and turned it into a nutritious snack that won't trigger allergies. You're welcome. 

That's the taste but how about the texture? Glad you asked. The bars are slightly chewy to make'em smoreis; not brittle, not smooshy and not at all like cardboard. Studded with chocolate chips, drizzled with chocolate sauce, and coated on the bottom with yet-more chocolate, they're a party for your taste buds. In fact, they're so good, that even if you don't have food intolerance, you'll find yourself "borrowing" and snacking often. Delicious, guilt-free, so no need to hide in the closet to enjoy them (hey, we've all done it). 

No Nuts! and Nutrition, we got your back. Well, actually, your insides. Protein that provides hours of fuel for busy days and gives kids energy to burn without the sugar crash and rampage that follows. If you're a grown-up (in age, not mind) No Nuts! bars make a super desk-top snack to get you through that slow Monday morning... And as for the fiber content, it'll keep your gut ticking nicely and that's through Monday... And as for the epic fiber content, it'll kep your gut ticking all we'll say on that matter *awkward*. 







*12g of Protein

*9g of Fiber

*Only 190 Calories

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